The (office) factory - All made in Italy

Factory, the evolution of the workshop, is the term that best sums up Telebi’s DNA: a highly specialized and professional style and production site.

The production, finishing and almost all the raw materials are sourced in Italy. We are backed up by a consolidated network of partners and suppliers with the same values of quality, inventiveness, reliability and practicability.

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SLK frames range

SLK (Simple Leg Kit) metal frames range is an integrated and modular system that goes beyond the classic production cycle and allows a high level of customization. It is based on a leg-beam connection system that allows various elements to be shared between different product lines. The SLK range is exclusive to Telebi and is covered by an international patent for an industrial invention.

Accessories range

We are one of the few manufacturers of metal frames who also provide office furniture accessories. From electrification accessories that give the name to our XEL (X ELectrify) line, our catalogue includes monitor arms, cpu holders, lamps, cable outlets and a wide range of equippable screens. All our accessories are conceived to easily combine with our frames in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but they can also be associated to other suppliers’ frames.