SLK range

The SLK (Simple Leg Kit) range of metal frames provides the support structure for Telebi's entire production cycle.

SLK is inspired by our experience in bicycle manufacturing and is based on a patented leg-beam connection system that allows various elements to be shared between different product lines.

All Telebi models are flexible systems that can be integrated with each other because beams, accessories and many other components are designed to be used transversely. Thus the possibilities of varying shapes and sizes expand, while reducing costs and volumes.

At the same time, over the years the aesthetic diversification of the products, has been increased, giving rise to totally standard ranges or customized ranges according to customer requirements.

The SLK range is exclusive to Telebi and is covered by an international patent for an industrial invention.

Optimized production

The special SLK leg-beam connection system allows the same components to be used across different ranges.


Automation and quality

Automated cutting and welding ensure accuracy and high quality in the end product. The items are then finished by powder coating or chrome plating.


Less storage space and optimized transport

With fewer components, turnover and logistics are improved and quantities and volumes in stock at the expense of customers are reduced.


Numerous customizations

The products are available in various materials, colours, shapes and finishes, up to the creation of 100% custom articles.


Coordinated accessories

We are one of the few manufacturers of metal frames who also provide accessories that integrate easily with the tables from both an aesthetic and a functional point of view.