Squeeze is the perfect synthesis between design and functionality at the service of the modern office. The clamp, made of zamak, is the ideal support for any type of dividing screen, from wood to polycarbonate through to fabric covered ones, being adjustable both in terms of the thickness of the top (from 15 to 30 mm) and of the vertical panel (from 6 to 30 mm).

The bench version of Squeeze brings the features of the single workstation model to shared desks. In fact, the intermediate clamp maintains its great versatility of use, thanks to the multiple fixing systems and the wide adjustment that allows it to hold any type of screen, all topped off with an elegant design and high quality materials.

Squeeze can be fixed in the gap between the bench tops (min 45 – max 60 mm) leaving space for convenient cable exit.

However, the central body of the clamp is divided into two pieces so that it is possible to remove the lower one to position Squeeze directly above the surfaces, simply leaving space for the passage of the tension screw or even without light with a through hole.

In addition to front screens, the version for side panels is also available which allows you to create cross-shaped screens for maximum visual and acoustic separation between stations, even in the presence of an intermediate leg which normally interferes with the possibility of fixing elements from under the floor.