A network of advanced suppliers and contractors.

More choice, less complexity, 100% Italian quality

Over the course of a decade we have become a collector of skills capable of creating a system and responding to every project request with 100% Italian quality. Around us, a family of highly specialized designers, craftsmen and producers who, like us, know how to do things and do them well.

Upholstery, thermoforming and fabrics

Screens, seats and cushions are essential elements of the modern office.

Wood and plastic processing

Combining metal with materials from wood which gives a unique warmth to the rooms to technical elements and accessories cannot do without plastic components.

Die casting and glass walls

Small and large details of our products are also made in cast aluminum and zamak. Glass and equipable walls complete the service we are able to offer.

Excellent partnership

Successful Synergies

Design is made of collaborations

In Telebi's vision, partnership goes far beyond mere collaboration. It represents the beating heart of every project, where the art of working together, co-designing and collaboration come together to shape unique products and collections. Our mission is to combine your aesthetic and production needs with our philosophy, giving life to custom accessories that stand out for their design, quality of materials and extraordinary performance.

Excellent connections

Uniting Excellence to Innovate

We become your single point of contact, guiding you through a smooth journey with a dedicated team of architects, specialized technicians and carefully selected suppliers. Together, we optimize the entire production and management process, with the aim of offering you not only the best results immediately, but also in the long term. The collaboration with Telebi is not just an investment in extraordinary products, but a journey together towards Italian excellence in the field of office furniture.