An integrated and modular production system

SLK structures

Simple Leg Kit

SLK system

The SLK (Simple Leg Kit) metal structure program is an integrated and modular system that surpasses the classic production cycle and allows a high level of customization.

All Telebi models are flexible systems that can integrate with each other because beams, accessories and many other components are designed to be used transversally. Thus the possibilities for varying shapes and sizes expand, while costs and volumes contract.

Simple Leg Kit

Modular and integrated

It consists of a special connection system between legs and beams, which means that the same components can be used transversally, between different structures and product lines. The SLK program is a Telebi exclusive covered by an international industrial invention patent.

Simple Leg Kit

Patented program

The SLK (Simple Leg Kit) metal structure program is the framework for the entire Telebi production cycle.

SLK draws inspiration from our experience in bicycle manufacturing and is based on a patented connection system between legs and beams that allows the sharing of various elements between different product lines.

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