Eco-pass is a cable gland in plastic material complementary to the i-pass model with which it shares aesthetics and perforations. It can have the same finish as the top thanks to a reversible lid, and is equipped with an optional sheet metal tray for cables and electrical sockets in which it is possible to store the lid itself when open.
Assembly takes place without tools, by simply rotating a small fixing clip. Eco-pass, having a limited thickness, can be sent already installed in the top. For thicknesses greater than 18 mm, a small slot must be made during drilling to return to the useful height.
Eco-pass shares the perforation of the top with the smaller size of the i-pass model, allowing you to interchange one product with another without changing the processes.
The lid of the eco-pass model allows the installation inside of an 8 mm thick melamine or glass tablet to have the same finish as the top. Alternatively, you can use the cover on the plastic side.