The modern office must be a place where comfort and functionality find the right synthesis to allow operators to work in the best conditions. To meet these needs, the Softwall panel has been specifically designed for desking: effective separation between workstations is in fact the first and fundamental necessity of the operational office.

The intrinsic characteristics of the materials that make up the panel, combined with the production technology, give Softwall important sound-absorbing qualities.
The coupling of multiple materials of different weights gives a variable density within the same panel, allowing the absorption of a wider spectrum of wavelengths compared to what happens with traditional dividing screens.
To create a good acoustic environment, it is essential to guarantee three characteristics: absorption, diffusion and attenuation. Softwall with its properties affects these three fronts, managing to guarantee a balanced sound environment.

Combined with the terminal version Squeeze clamp, Softwall is an ideal front panel for single workstations.
The characteristics of the panel are in fact combined with those of the support which, thanks to the possibility of easy adjustment, allows it to be fixed at any point on the top without the need for any work on the top and even less on the screen, possibly also allowing the use of shorter panels than at the length of the desk or in an off-center position.
The intermediate version of the Squeeze clamp is the most suitable system for using Softwall on shared desks.
Through this model it is possible to use Softwall both as a front panel and as a side screen to create boxes closed on three sides such as call centers or benches in general where further separation between workstations is required.